Private Fees

Private Treatment

We believe that all patients should be offered a full choice of the treatments available, and should be given enough information to make an informed choice. As a fully private patient you will have access to our more senior dentists to provide all your treatment and a greater choice of materials and techniques in order to achieve optimum aesthetic results.

Some treatments are not available on the NHS, for instance:

  • Teeth whitening
  • White crowns on back (molar) teeth
  • White fillings for back teeth provided for aesthetic reasons
  • Sports mouth guards

Written estimates will be given for any private treatment chosen.

An indicative private fee list is below- although fees are subject to change depending on individual circumstances (for instance the size and depth of a filling, or the complexity of a root-canal filling)

New Patient Consultation
£60 including radiographs
Examination for existing patient
Small radiograph
each £10
Panoramic radiograph
White fillings
from £75 depending upon size
from £475
from £450
Teeth whitening
from £340
from £80
Hygienist appointment
from £62
Sports mouthguard
from £90
Specialist periodontal treatment
See information on What We Offer page
Root canal treatment
Incisor/canine £265
Premolar £320
Molar £450
Root canal treatment with Dwsi/pvt
Incisor/canine £380
Premolar £450
Molar £530
Consultation for specialist treatment
Teeth straightening
from £2000
New patient consultation
£60 incl X-ray
(Average single tooth implant roughly £2400)
Socket Preservation
Guided Bone Regeneration
Sinus Lift Lateral Window Method
Sinus Lift Osteotome Summer’s Technique
Onlay Block Graft/Block Bone Graft
Soft/Connective Tissue Graft
(Atraumatic) Tooth Extraction
Single Dental Implant
Immediate Single Dental Implant
Porcelain Crown & Bridge Units
Fixed implant-supported bridge 12 teeth
Acrylic Denture